About Staff

The staff team at Fly High Innovative preschool work together to provide an outstanding learning environment for the children. They demonstrate an excellent knowledge of how children learn through play and recognise the uniqueness of each child. Their strong understanding of the characteristics of effective learning really enhances children's learning and development.

Montessori Methods

Montessori Method of education basically fosters and emphasizes the children’s natural drive to learn by providing them a prepared environment completely suited for the different stages of development. Montessori Method of teaching is unique as the teacher plays the role of a guide helping the children with their own research and exploration of a subject based on their own interests. It is the duty of a Montessori teacher to not really teach but lead the children towards independence and self-discipline.

Our Core Values

Respect: We will respect and value your child and the abilities and skills he or she has.

Relationships: We will establish positive relationships with you and your child.

Responsibility: We believe your child can drive and influence his or her own learning.

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